June 18, 2020 — 08:39am GMT+0000

The Best Qualities of an Effective Leader

Randy Musk
Randy Musk Contributor

In every organization, leadership is a fundamental factor to succeed. It is an essential key towards the vision and empower the mission. The reason why it is tedious and crucial to select a leader. Leaders as they say is the captain of the ship. They must know if there is a storm coming. They must know how to navigate the ship so it won’t sink. The same thing happens in business, politics and education. There’s a call for leadership to effectively create an impact and leave compelling results in the progress of society. How do we find the leader we need?

Here are the best qualities of an Effective Leader:

An Intentional Visionary 

An effective leader knows to picture the goal, the road to get there and the side effect it may lead to the company. This is also like trekking in the mountainside having a map and a compass. Having a vision in mind means that you are ready for the possible encounters in reaching that goal. A leader must know how to communicate clearly this vision to other members so they understand and be engaged in pursuing the goal. 

Demonstrate Integrity 

Integrity is one quality an effective leader must possess because you deal with conflict in different kind of situations. When you have integrity, it grounds your values as it reflects on your managing ability and behavior towards work. Leaders must have a strong sense of character word of honor and honest all the time. This will gain respect from the employees and clients. 

Communicates Effectively 

The ability to communicate concisely and assertively is one essential quality of an effective leader. Communication involves speaking to discuss/present a plan, listening attentively and responding appropriately. The leader encounters variety of communication situation such as dealing with clients, potential business partners and employees. Being flexible and cautious in the choice of words and delivery of message must always be considered to communicate effectively. 

Has Crisis Management Skills 

To be an effective leader, having a crisis management skills is a must. The ability to decide on a difficult situation can be crucial. You need to think in advance with all the consequences and possibilities to happen so it is not wise to decide abruptly. This happens most of the time in a leadership position. The leaders must be responsible, resolute and confident in every decision big or small to make.