The Power of Media and the Reshaping of the Issues of Racism

#BlackLivesMatter is 2020’s Strongest Social Campaign
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It started in on May 25, 2020 in the middle of chaos that was already affecting the American communities and the whole world. As of Corona Virus issues were not yet enough to shake the world. George Perry Floyd Jr’s arrest and death in Minnesota created a loud noise that nations around the globe responded to. 

It was a loud noise that highlighted the already problematic issue that not only the American society is facing. Racism has and will always be a part of human history, no matter what nation, no matter what region in the world. 

#BlackLivesMatter is 2020’s Strongest Social Campaign 

The #BlackLivesMatter certainly crated waves of reaction that called for the attention of the authorities to face and fix the chaos that the incident between Floyd and four officers who were supposed to arrest him. 

In this incident, it cannot be denied that the role of social media has certainly created a difference on how the case was perceived on a global scope. From Minneapolis to Europe and to other parts of Asia, the call for justice has echoed a sound that determines the power of social unity in defining the manner by which cases of racism ought to be handled and given attention by the authorities. 

However, not everything that came from this global campaign could be considered positive. 

As shown through global news, communities responding to the situation have also presented disturbing behaviors out of anger and frustration against the American policies on racism. The truth is racism is already an old-time problem. Ranging back to ancient history, the role of social status has created a division between the privileged versus the socially cursed. 

The Power of Social Media 

The power of social media has proven the fact that individuals tend to respond to popular dissemination of facts and react to the situation depending on the manner by which they analyze what they have heard, what they have seen, or what they think is necessary depending on how the whole society tends to react to the matter. Given the immense number of individuals who supported the movement, there are those who were simply interested in the idea of “making a difference” even when they do not know the whole picture of the story. 

In the end, those who say they want to shout out and fight for justice for the sake of Floyd ended up ruining the communities of the people they said they were fighting for. Many black Americans who were already suffering because of the Corona Virus had their properties damaged because of the protests that the groups following through the campaign #BlackLivesMatter were aggressively engaged in. 

Many have been injured and some even lost their lives in the middle of all these protests. 

In a way, the supposed solution that the people wanted to achieve immediately became the very reason for them to implicate more damages and pain to those who are already suffering. Certainly, this incident shows how strong words and the modern media are. Considerably, recognizing such power and utilizing it more conscientiously could control possible negative effects of the campaign itself. 

To Conclude…

Viewing social media and its power accordingly ought to help the authority put a sense of control on what information is shared online whole not necessarily killing the concepts of freedom of speech. While there is nothing wrong with sharing the truth, taking precautions is necessary in order to avoid massive results that could endanger the lives of others. 

In the end, real justice can never be realized through inviting the wrong reaction from the public in order to achieve a certain result from the community who may or may not completely understand meaning of the campaigns they support in protests.






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