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June 17, 2020 — 05:39pm GMT+0000

Young Girls Raising Young Lives

Cianna Reese
Cianna Reese Contributor

Teenage years could be the best years a person could ever have. The experience of going to high school, creating memories, and building friendships are most likely the most significant moments a teenage person could experience. But not everyone’s adolescent years were spent like that, for some, they need to spend it by carrying a child of their own, and caring for them.

While some teenage girls get to enjoy their glorious years as teens, some need to endure the pain of childbirth and the struggles of motherhood at an early age. Teenage pregnancy has been a topic of discussion for years now, and sadly, it came to the point that people assume that it is already normal.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), at least 10 million unintended pregnancies occur each year among adolescent girls aged 15–19 years in the developing world. Alarming, isn’t it? One factor to the rise of teen pregnancy cases is the free and easy access of everyone to the internet and the ability to watch any content without the guidance of their parents.

Sadly, a lot of young people nowadays commit premarital sex without knowing its consequences. They are not aware that bearing and having a child is a great responsibility and that a child is a life entrusted to them. It means that you have to nurture, take care, and eventually, send that child to school. It takes a ready and mature person to rear a child. And if a teenage girl gets pregnant and realizes that she is not ready yet to the responsibility, they sometimes decide to commit abortion, which is another issue to tackle.

Another issue concerning teenage pregnancy are its health consequences. World Health Organizations stated that pregnancy and childbirth complications are the leading cause of death among teenage girls globally. Study shows that the younger the pregnant woman is, the higher the risk of facing several systematic infections 

It is also said that adolescent girls who gave birth experienced post-partum depression at a rate that was twice higher than the adults. They are also most likely to get stressed than their peers who aren’t teen mothers. Thoughts of “if I only waited,” “if I only listened,” and “I should have known better” could pile up in one’s head. The physical, emotional, and mental toil a teenage mom could have is indeed unimaginable.

Becoming a mother is never easy, it will cost you a lot, even your own life, but it probably is the most fulfilling moment on a woman’s life. If you are a teenage girl, you need to know that you will become one at the right time. You do not need to rush; all you need to do is enjoy your teenage years to the fullest and wait for the right time, because you won’t remain young forever. If you are a teen mom, we hope that you are doing well and that your child will grow up into a beautiful and amazing person.