June 17, 2020 — 10:25pm GMT+0000

Practice What You Preach: Why Leaders Should Lead by Example?

Justin Walsh
Justin Walsh Contributor

According to Ralph Waldo Emerson, “character is everything.” Leaders must embed to their team that it is not about running a race with other groups and be on top of excellency, rather, it is all about using all the knowledge and apply it in real-life situations. In the end, everyone should only compete with one’s self. 

Leaders affect largely to the mental abilities of their teammates, as well as perspectives and abilities. It’s the leaders’ responsibility to instill these values to their teammates. Because leaders should not only teach what is in the book, but they also teach what is in life. As a result, they must be the role model of what they preach. 

Practicing what you preach is another level of wisdom. Do you ever feel disgusted in yourself when you are teaching other people “generosity” yet you can’t even give few pennies to the beggar you saw earlier? That is hypocrisy at its finest, and it goes the same thing for leaders. Remember, that the depth of what you preach comes with experience, not flowery words. It is important to develop yourself first, because you cannot give what you don’t have.  

What are the things a “leader” must practice so he or she can lead the group excellently? First, practice the “can-do” attitude. If you live your life doing everything without doubting yourself, then that is a wonderful example you can show to your group. It will benefit you in so many ways such as increasing self-esteem and expanding your experiences. Beyond that matter, you will also be an inspiration to others. 

Second, practice thinking beyond yourself. A leader must not only do things for the sake of himself, rather, for the sake of everyone. Keep in mind that there is always a deeper sense of joy in giving and caring for others. Selfishness won’t lead us anywhere. 

Lastly, practice believing in yourself. This has something to do with the “can-do” attitude, if you keep on having faith in yourself, then, you can surpass everything. Do not seek approval from others whether you can do things or not, because you can, with enough practice and faith. Close your ears to every word of discouragement, so you will remain focus on believing in yourself. 

To become an effective leader, one must practice what he or she is teaching. Show examples that will strongly support your teachings, because the leader of wisdom should know what he says better than anyone.