Being a Mom during Lockdown; 66 days and counting

Mom in Lockdown has taken the best and the worst out of me
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Frankly speaking, being a mom in lockdown has taken the best and the worst out of me. My bank card has been dependent upon an enormous number of requests and updates because of the amount of online shopping I have done. Then we move onto questions; Do we need more bathroom tissues? Canned food? What amount is reasonable? What amount is accumulating or even moral?

     I, as well, have brought a profound plunge into the universe of hand sanitizer on the web. I despite everything stay with practically nothing. At that point there’s the additional laundry, the additional food prep and the solid duty to ensure everybody at home gets the opportunity to rest because all we need in times of corona, according to WHO, is high immune system. My emotional state is emancipated. I stress over my loved ones getting Covid-19. I stress over kindergartens closing down. I stress over them reopening.

     In the same way as most of the other mothers, I am the one in my marriage with an adaptable occupation, which means I’m the one with flexible job and that all the changes have to be managed by me and that I don’t get paid days off. Let’s also add to this that I’m already like an expert in researching COVID-19, discovering articles, stressing over the news and going back to the new normal life in rocket speed.

     For me and numerous others, dealing with the danger of the infection is including another and noteworthy portion of household and enthusiastic work to our lives. On the off chance if you are the mother in the family, chances are that the vast majority of this work is falling on your shoulders.

Now let’s move onto why exactly I’m writing this article, a.k.a. how can we, as parents, cope up with the parenting stress during lockdown?

How to manage the parenting stress?

Be Present

You may think there is nothing good happening during living altogether in one place for a long time but try to look deeper. We all as working parents deal with the constant guilty feeling that we don’t give enough- time, empathy, attention. Now you have a chance to actually see what’s wrong with you child, what exactly do they need, do you give them the right amount of parental attention. Try to praise them and be more present in their lives.


Allow your kid to have a control over something. Children love realizing that they are able to plan and be responsible for an action or another. Allow them to make sandwiches or even suggest picking a responsibility by themselves. Trust me, it will work.

Become the same age

Getting down to your kids age will help you to overcome the emotional difficulties they may show. Just sit down on the floor and talk. You will be surprised how mom’s soft voice will get them under your full control.

These are only minor, simple changes you can make to your lockdown lifestyle but honestly, if you are reading this article, chances are you already  do your best to handle your kid(s) in the best possible way. 


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