June 8, 2020 — 03:48pm GMT+0000

Coronavirus: Lessons that we must cherish

Maggie Peters
Maggie Peters Contributor
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For five months and counting, the coronavirus disease or COVID-19 has been ravaging our world, leaving millions sick and hundreds of thousands dead on its trail. Beyond the number of cases and the gruesome reality of the deaths that have plagued our world in the past five months, COVID-19 has unleashed a great deal of havoc on our world in all sectors.

Since this unknown enemy graced our world, we have been trying to come to terms with its effects, and this is so, primarily because we underestimated its might, and we thought we were in control. Now that it is glaring to us, it is impossible for us to turn back the hands of time, but we can draw significant life lessons from this pandemic.

What has COVID-19 taught all of us? Here are a few things we now know since this pandemic started.

1. We are not in charge – the progress made by human civilization has been lauded by humans for many years. As humans, we believe that we can run the show as we please, and because of this, we have no regard for other species inhabiting our planet. Enter COVID-19, and despite our best efforts, we remain clueless, with no headway beyond social distancing, face masks, and self-isolation. COVID-19 has taught all of us, that our world does not go round after all, but it succumbs to the pressures that beset it. Everything is now on hold. No more mars expedition and even 5G tech are being muted in all corners. COVID-19 is in charge for now, and until we find a vaccine, we may never actually kick it out.

2. Politics is the biggest evil facing our world – whoever designed the idea of politics and government; I am sure that they most likely developed the concepts behind the greater good of all humankind. But, over the years, we have seen the idea of politics slowly deviate from being for the greater good of all, but for the good of only a few who relies on the rest of us to put them in power. For many years, our governments have been stocking up on the most sophisticated military weapons and nuclear weapons. Yet, the basic things of life, such as food, shelter, clothing, education, are denied the rest of us. One would expect COVID-19 to be a wake-up call, but sadly, politics seems to be running the show once more, denying us a real chance at getting out of this quagmire.

3. Our coming together is powerful – we have been divided along many lines too numerous to mention, and they have regressed our world rather than help us make progress. Race, color, religion, politics, class, language, creed, association, etc., but the reality of COVID-19 shows us that our lines of division upon which we have premise our hatred and prejudice do not matter. Therefore, if we are ever to win this war, and if we are going ever to get the chance to repair our peeling planet, we must deliberately erase these lines that have held us back for far too long, and come together. Each of us must see the next person as necessary to the many moving parts of our world.

I am sure that you agree with me that these are three of the most important life lessons that we can ever get out of COVID-19. While we are dealing with these new routines of face masking, social distancing, washing hands, sanitizing, and isolating, we must look at these three important lessons, and see them as the real solution to defeating COVID-19.