Hana Kimura: A Bright Star Cut Short by Cyberbullying

Hana Kimura, the 22-year-old Japanese pro wrestler
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Hana Kimura, the 22-year-old Japanese pro wrestler, and star of Terrace House, a Netflix reality show, is the latest popular victim who succumbed to the heavyweights of cyberbullying. 


Hana’s death should never have happened especially at a difficult time like this, but it once again shows the deadly effects of cyberbullying on even those we all regard as strong.


It’s crazy to think that despite the vast power of social media, some folks still choose to hide behind their keyboards to release vitriol and cast aspersions on other people’s character. They choose to leave the troubles in their own lives and instead focus their magnifying lenses on the wrong in other people’s lives.

It is sad. Really sad, that our world could lose a bright star like Hana Kimura, and it confirms the troubling spate of toxic comments that can be spread via the internet.

Hana who was a professional wrestler until her death had also been a part of Terrace House, a Netflix show designed to understand the impacts of social interactions among strangers. An unfortunate altercation between Hana and another of the show’s cast who damaged one of Hana’s expensive wrestling gear initiated the latest outpour of hatred towards her and ultimately led to her death.


Our world is currently enmeshed in one of the most difficult periods known to man, but instead of coming together to help each other, hate either in the form of racism, segregation, assaults of different kinds, bullying, murder, is on the rise.


Why is our humanity utterly wicked? Why would anyone police the life of another stranger who they didn’t know beyond what they saw on their screen? It appears that social media’s powerful connectivity and uncontrolled anonymity is helping to spread this hatred.


We need love to take root and yield beautiful fruits more than anything else at this time. Our world is suffering from an unprecedented wave of brutal suffering. Kindness is free, we need more of it now, not hate, not fear, not wanton destruction, we need kindness.


We have allowed hatred, war, schisms of all kinds, terrorism, famine, hold sway in our world for too long, and they are claiming our bright stars like Hana Kimura. For how long are we going to fold our arms and do nothing?

You don’t have to wait until you have a direct impact on someone losing their life before you understand why we must seize the narrative, and spread love on all of our social media platforms.


It’s high time we stopped spreading negativity when we can spread love abundantly.


Hana Kimura entertained her audience through sports and movies. She shared her talent with the rest of us, is cyberbullying the right coin to pay her for her talent? No. It isn’t and this is why we must stop cyberbullying now before it claims another Hana Kimura.


You and I have important roles to play to ensure that cyberbullying dies out completely. Cyberbullying does not belong here. Love belongs here.

Spread Love!


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