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June 17, 2020 — 05:28pm GMT+0000

How to survive a Quarantine Break-up

Maggie Peters
Maggie Peters Contributor

Isolated upon distance and time, conflicts may arise on relationships – especially for couples whose having issues with trust and faith. Disagreements will always take in place then all that’s left are regrets and . I mean, years of being together ended up through phones and virtual conversations, can it be worse than this?

To count as one, I am a victim of this heart-breaking incident and mind you, you’re not alone. Congratulations! You belong to the Single Club Associations now.

Is it necessary to have your pillows wet with tears all-night long? Well, it can be acceptable on the first week. Do you need to celebrate it? Hell yes, definitely. Why? You just set yourself free from a relationship you don’t deserve and it’s time to understand it NOW. To tell you, if you kept on living your memories flashing through your mind every time you cry on your shower, that won’t absolutely help in the process.

Some studies reveal that break ups initially results in depression, anxieties, self-doubts and all that negative outcomes. However, on the brighter side, welcoming ideal coping strategies fruits on the positive aspects of experience in finding a purpose and meaning while simultaneously minimizing negative emotions. In a shorter sense, charge to experience, it is indeed your choice to face this downfall positively or otherwise.

Here’s the 5 ways to overcome your breakup phenomenon during this quarantine period:


Call me an idiot, but I don’t want you to do the same. In the first months of breakup, I used to conceal what happened, for the stupid reason that I still don’t accept the fact that were not together anymore. Holding on to the hope that you will come back to each other’s arms even if it doesn’t work out that way anymore is nonsense. First step to move on is to face the pain. Communicating about how you feel would make you understand the reason why you choose to end the relationship. Be honest to your family and friends. It would be of great help. Video conferences as of the moment, is your option.


You need to keep in mind that the process won’t be as easy as it could be BUT it is impossible upon your firm choice. It would take time to cope with the hurt and all that aftermath, but you should also give a limit of time. You must eye the goal by asking yourself, “Until when would I cry over this same scenario over and over again?” or “Until when would I give myself false hope that my ex would want me back?”. When you know that you have collected your pieces, it is time that you choose to move forward and when you do you must be consistent and sure about it. Acceptance would set you free. This step is more of a personal decision.


Once you’re on your road to acceptance, explore the world outside the broken romance you used to live on. Do a make-over. Dress-up. Try to have some work-out exercises, meditation or yoga. Find beauty in the things you are passionate about and discover other skills and talents you have. Remember to appreciate your self-worth by knowing yourself more and setting a high standard for yourself. Refrain from depending your value subjected on anyone’s eyes. Impress yourself. 


Take time. Be certain about it. Don’t rush into dating. Start a new chapter in your life enjoying the company of your friends and most specially your family. Focus on your career and professional growth. Have a good relationship with yourself in seeking for happiness in the absence and enjoy the things you couldn’t do when you were still on your previous relationship.


Hold on to all the improvements you made for yourself. Treasure all the life lessons you learned from your previous relationship. Choose to move forward without regrets for all your mistakes and failures. Give yourself a chance to welcome the love you deserve. Believe in your worth.

Get yourself together, you can do it.

An anonymous quote says, “moving on doesn’t mean you forget about things. It just means you have to accept what happened and continue living.”