June 8, 2020 — 04:24pm GMT+0000

Recommended: Best Tv and Movies on Netflix

Randy Musk
Randy Musk Contributor

Since the coronavirus forced many governments to shut down, and the rest of us still have jobs to embrace working from home, we have not had the chance to indulge in the many perks of socialization that we usually enjoy.

Social media has been the saving grace for most of us, allowing us to connect with our friends and folks from far and near, but one avenue that has constantly reminded us of what our world looked like before the pandemic is Netflix.

Netflix holds an extensive cache of TV shows and movies, cutting across several subject areas, languages, and tastes. The world of Netflix is such a vast world, and if you are a newbie or a person who cannot deal with the endless navigation about the platform, you may find yourself stuck with finding the perfect movie for this time.

Not to worry, I have gone through the trouble for you, and I have identified some interesting Netflix movies and TV shows that I can guarantee are worth your time and money.

Here they are:


1. BREAKING BAD – Breaking Bad is arguably the best TV show ever written. It continues to top the charts for many years since its first episode and beat any metric set to measure it. Breaking Bad captures the story of Walter White, a chemistry teacher who turned drug lord. How did this transition happen, and how did he stay ahead of the law and his brother-in-law DEA agent? You have an exciting story to catch in Breaking Bad, thanks to the genius of Vince Gilligan. Watch out for the tiniest details in this one.

2. BETTER CALL SAUL – If you have seen Breaking Bad, then you should know Saul Goodman, the character played by Bob Odenkirk. But Saul Goodman actually started his law practice as Jimmy McGill in this Breaking Bad prequel. Although not as deeply revealing as Breaking Bad, the creative ink of Vince Gilligan, and his team, plus the superb acting from Odenkirk, Esposito (Gus Fring), Raymon Cruz (Tuco Salamanca), and others will lead you down a comic trail that you won’t recover from.

3. MONEY HEIST – Money Heist held audiences around the world spellbound following the release of its four seasons in April. With the most incredible plot twists and a dramatic storyline that will hold you spell-bound, Money Heist tells the story of a group of criminal minds who take up names after cities, and led by Professor, to execute heists in Spain’s national mint, and central bank. 

Other notable mentions include Stranger Things, Tiger King, When They See Us, The Witcher, and The Crown.


1. HER – Her draws insights into the interesting development of a relationship between a writer and his AI virtual assistant. In Her, Theodore Twombly and Samantha, played by Scarlett Johansson, share a fascinating bond about love and life, in this sci-fi revelation, and uses the experience which is punctuated with lots of twists and turns to find his true sense of self.

2. THE IRISHMAN – The Irishman may be Netflix’s most expensive movie, but beyond its cost, it hosts several acting geniuses like Al Pacino and Robert De Niro, who perfectly delivers the story of Frank Sheeran, an errand boy, and hitman for the Mafia. The Irishman is based on Charles Brandt’s nonfiction book – I heard you paint houses, and shows Sheeran’s attempt at reconciliation with God and his daughters.

3. THE TWO POPES – The Two Popes attempts to share the story of what was believed to have happened behind the scenes as Pope Benedict hands over papal duties to Pope Francis. The Two Popes draw distinctively on faith in our present world, and how it will continue to remain as a vibrant part of the future. 

Other notable of mention include Miracle in Cell No.7, The Extraction, Dolemite is My Name, Django Unchained, and Catfish.