June 8, 2020 — 04:02pm GMT+0000

Self – Practicing mindfulness to get the best out of each day

Pia Willis
Pia Willis Contributor

It is becoming increasingly difficult to deal with the effects of our busy lifestyle. Top of the list of what we have to deal with every day is the stress accumulated from our daily hustle and bustle, conflicting thoughts, lack of awareness about our immediate surroundings, and self-care.

One activity can, however, help you get ahead and make the most of each day of your life. Talk about eating your cake (working so hard), and keeping it (not having to deal with the attendant stress that follows). This activity is the practice of mindfulness, and it is an underrated practice that can help you live a refreshing life once you commit to it.

Let me explain – mindfulness is a very easy practice that helps you connect with your inner self. See, your inner self knows all the truths about you, some of which you do not even know. Your inner self knows all of your troubles, and it understands just what you need to manage your troubles. Unfortunately, many of us run from pillar to post, trying to solve our problems rather than simply connecting with your inner man to get answers through the practice of mindfulness.

Clouded thoughts are one of the dangerous things a lot of us deal with. With clouded thoughts, one cannot find clarity, and in no time, you can head down a difficult path that will cause you to lose yourself. What the practice of mindfulness does for you is to help you gradually find clarity with your thoughts until you gain control over them.

When you have control over your thoughts, you can carefully guide them to help you reach the desired goal.

These are some of the things that mindfulness will do for you:

  1. Become conscious of your environment – the energies we release have direct impacts on our surroundings. If you are not conscious of your environment, then you cannot control the kind of energy around you. Practicing mindfulness will help you draw out positives and radiate such into your immediate environment.
  2. Guard your thoughts – Mindfulness will help you shut the door on negative thoughts that do not hold any benefit to you. Once you are able to choose the right thoughts, you will be able to dwell on them and use them to control the events around you.
  3. Improved mentality – Mindfulness opens up your mind to fresh perspectives and new opportunities. It has excellent effects on your physical and mental health and helps you to relieve stress.
  4. Improved self-care – The practice of mindfulness takes care of all your emotional concerns. Mindfulness helps you to embrace yourself and helps you to decide to give yourself nothing but the best. Heartbreaks will no longer be the occasion because, with mindfulness, nothing can take you by surprise.

Here are ways you can practice mindfulness:

  1. Meditation.
  2. Gratitude.
  3. Learning new things.
  4. Being responsive to your thoughts.
  5. Exercising.