June 17, 2020 — 09:13pm GMT+0000

The Minimal Skincare Guide During Quarantined Summer

Randy Musk
Randy Musk Contributor

It’s been 15 years since the last time I put a make up on.

     It’s a little bit exaggerated, I admit. It’s been around a month. Since the time remote work turned into the route in these difficult days, our customary magnificence regimens have been removed from the window. Given that make up has gotten discretionary, and that UV rays are kept to minimum, what happened to our skin then? Is there a need for new skincare regimen?

     Skincare regimen during quarantine is like a happy hour for most of us. However, the unavoidable issues come up when dealing with things we need to isolate ourselves from and take into consideration our skin since we are ceaselessly homebound. I write this article for everybody who is trying to understand if there are any changes that need to be made to your regimen during quarantine.

Skincare Routine

     Coronavirus powers us to think about the fundamentals, and it applies to skincare, as well. You truly need to focus on the basic skincare to hold you over isolation: a.k.a. clean skin, moisturized skin, exfoliated skin and UV rays protected skin. These four items serve the fundamental needs of your skin. Any other product you thought you could include can assume a lower priority if vital, except those anti-ageing and extra hydrating serums.

What about the concerns?

     Not actually, however there are parts of your skin you can concentrate on more eagerly. There can be break outs and having pressure related breakouts may depend on what type of living/working surroundings you are in. For instance, you may daily face super dry air because of the intense use of air conditioners. In this case you should consider implementing hydrating products into your skincare regimen.

Sunscreen Use

     Indeed, except if you’re living in a unit without any windows or little expansion of characteristic light, you do require sunscreen. UV beams can go into the house by means of glass, and since you’re likely staying as close to the windows as possible to get the normal light, the skin will need a better protection.

Medical masks effect on skin

     Medical masks are an essential resistance against coronavirus, yet the fact that your face is constantly covered with a sheet that actually develops microbes on its own, can be quite harming for your skin.  In case you’re wearing it for short time each day, you have almost nothing to stress about. The individuals using it for a long time throughout the day, simply make sure to properly wash your face and use cleansers that are low in pH and have acids in it, for example salicylic acid. This type of cleansers will have more control on possible breakout.