June 18, 2020 — 02:49pm GMT+0000

How to Move on from a FAILED RELATIONSHIP

Randy Musk
Randy Musk Contributor

All human relationships have the potential to fail, and this is true for the best relationships and the worst human relationships.

The reason most relationships fail is spread across a diverse number of reasons. Sometimes, people lose interest, at other times, they no longer feel like committing, and sometimes people want to experience new possibilities.

These reasons may be valid, and sometimes they may be blatant excuses, but the real problem is that many people cannot move on when their relationships fail.

You know why?

People in relationships always make a big mistake. They usually invest in the relationship without investing in themselves. They tend to draw their identity, and they live each day thinking and making efforts to better their relationships but never themselves.

When you are in any relationship, you are the direct source for the relationship so, whatever you contribute to sustaining the relationship should come from the source – you. Drawing from the source to nurture your relationship requires that you replenish the source. It is simple logic – when you take from a source, you should put back into the same source so that the source will not dry up. Provided that the source is not dry, you can continue to draw from it.

It is, however, sad that most people only draw from themselves without replenishing themselves. They continue to give their time, skills, talent, knowledge, and resources to groom their relationships, but never to themselves.

Now when the relationship ends, they realize that they have got nothing else but themselves, and it becomes really difficult to fall back to themselves because there is nothing left to draw from the source. So rather than move on and forge new ground for themselves, people will instead go back to their previous relationships to try to make things work, but it is usually without any success.

To move on from any of your relationships, either a romantic relationship or any other one, you must first have a very strong relationship with yourself. No one is as important to you in this world as yourself so, shouldn’t you rather invest in yourself.

When you invest in yourself, you will always have enough virtues stored up inside of you to sustain yourself. You will not need to rely on your relationship with others to feel fulfilled or happy.

When you live each moment of your life with the mindset of investing in yourself, and grooming yourself, you will be able to define what matters to you, and you will be able to move on from any relationship that does not help you.

Your relationships will no longer validate you, but you will be able to lead your life, contribute to your relationships, and yet have much more to give to yourself.

If you do not focus on your growth, then your relationship cannot exactly grow, and you will always find that you have to move on, but you do not have the balls to do so.

Focus on you first, so that you can have more than enough to give to your relationships.