June 8, 2020 — 04:29pm GMT+0000

Keeping your dreams and aspirations in check through covid-19

Randy Musk
Randy Musk Contributor

The past few months have been rather uneventful for the most part as the world continues to deal with the coronavirus disease plight. Everything is on hold yet; the world’s pace doesn’t seem to slow down as the days continue to count.

I know you had dreams, and you set goals for 2020. You were very keen on acing the bud, and you wanted to look back by December to tick some things off your bucket list proudly.

Like every other human endeavor, most of us have had to pause on our next steps to achieving our goals and dreams. We have had to slow down considerably, even though time continues to count.

I don’t want you to feel worked up. These are trying times, and extremely demanding of all of us, but while we let go of the chance to socialize, and to enjoy sports, musical concerts, clubbing, seeing a movie at the cinema, being in class with our classmates, we must never let go of our dreams and aspirations.

How? You may be wondering, especially as things look bleaker with each passing day.

The best way to keep your dreams and aspirations in check during this period is to consider this extra time as an opportunity life is throwing at you to get better prepared for the journey ahead. We are all in this together, but while many are losing grip of their lives to COVID, you can hold on strong and continue to work towards achieving all of your dreams and making them your reality.

I want you to see COVID-19 as a distraction, but it can never be enough to make you give up on your dreams.

If you have abandoned your goals and have lost motivation to focus on the work needed to achieve them, now is the time to rekindle the flame, and begin to find resources, opportunities, and answers that will lead you to achieve your goals.

Trust me; this period is loaded. You can find many opportunities now because others are not looking for them. And with these opportunities, you can be ahead of your peers significantly.

You cannot continue to wait until the world gets back to normal. Who says this is not going to be our normal henceforth? Nobody knows, and this is why you cannot sleep and lie fallow on your dreams.

You cannot misuse this opportunity because right after now, the race is only going to get tougher, and only the strong will survive. Things are going to get more competitive, and while you will be gearing up to get started, someone who has been preparing all along may steal your dreams.

So, you have to get up now and continue to put in work no matter how small, no matter how inconsequential it seems. The more you commit to your dreams, the more you begin to find pieces that will help you complete the puzzle.

Now, is the time to do the most. 

Get back to work! Never let up!