PETER LOCKE and his Creative Imagery of an Alien Superhero

Alexis Martin


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With a natural passion for telling stories, Peter Locke, a retired studio producer, is now able to live his dream life through the creation of Mikkee. 

Knowing what the audience wants is critical to the work that Locke presents for the public to read. 

With the imaginative thoughts of Peter Locke, the creation of Mikkee certainly came into that phase when the message of the reading is more than just for the sake of entertaining the audience. 

Mikkee is a Martian who has eight-year-old friends on earth. His adventures present him as an outsider who is trying to be a part of human civilization. His character is rather humorous and easy-going. He is noted to treat even the hardest of experiences with light and humor- this is why it is not just a read for young kids but also for the young at heart. 

One thing about this reading is that it does not have illustrated characters. This gives the readers a chance to explore their imagination and understanding when it comes to how the situations are presented to them in writing. 


In most cases, several stories present different characters that may seem the same. Peter Locke uses homegrown characters in the story but has presented them in a distinct difference apart from the usual. Locke has also used Folklores and homegrown stories as a base setting for his stories. Taking them into a more fitting setting to the life of Mikkee as an alien, the story plots are certainly entertaining and exciting for readers. 

Making the seemingly abnormal context of being an alien and making it acceptable because of the value that each story plot serves, Mikkee the Martian is a successful sci-fi series that children would surely enjoy reading. 

The creation of Mikkee the Martian and his adventures on earth has been motivated by the rich experience Peter Locke had in working on several films while still working with the entertainment industry. The natural playful take of his stories creates a new world that makes Martian friends the best friends humans could ever have. 

If you are looking for a fun and exciting reading to introduce to your children, Mikkee the Martian might be the best choice today. Mixed with the creative thoughts on how a Martian tries to fit in within the human world and the ways by which he makes life on earth easier and more fun, this material would surely present critical lessons that your kids would gain much understanding from especially when it comes to facing challenges in life. 

With seven books in the series, your children, and perhaps even you, could gain so much fun from reading through the adventures of Mikkee the Martian. 

Bringing back your child’s interest in reading is easy when it comes to using interesting stories like the adventures of Mikkee the Martian. Read this series with your children and enjoy imagining the stories and their characters into life. 


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